We're Different from the Other Strata Property Managers

Sure we are.  Everyone says they are, so we’ll just list the major ways we think we’re different:

  • We guarantee you will be satisfied – if you’re not, we offer contract flexibility so that a simple council vote will allow you to move on to a new firm at the end of the fiscal year.

  • We follow through on our commitments – items stay on the agenda until they are resolved

  • We stand behind our services - we know that once you've worked with us, you'll want to stay and that means we're completely comfortable in offering the council the option to terminate at any time.

  • We appreciate feedback from the council's we work with, both good and bad.  We're always looking to improve our services, and an open and honest meeting with councils is a great way to do that.

 After working with us for a little while, we're certain you’ll agree that we’re different from the rest of the industry - in a very good way.