Safe and Secure

We are focused on two things – safeguarding and enhancing your property and your community.  Here are 10 things we’re doing to ensure that this becomes reality:

  1. We Operate in accordance with the Real Estate Services Act of British Columbia.
  2. We are licensed by the BC Financial Services Authority for Strata Management services only.  Our focus is on strata management, not on leveraging strata management into rental and real estate sales.
  3. We are insured for Errors and Omissions along with the council as part of each strata corporation’s insurance policy.
  4. We carry independent additional bonding and insurance through BFL Canada.
  5. Blueprint’s Managing Broker, David Doornbos, is also a CPA CGA with 20 years of hands on experience in industry, and maintains an active role with the accounting team.
  6. We use stable and up to date computer equipment operating in a secure environment that is backed up to the cloud on a daily basis. 
  7. Our premises are secured against break-ins and fire, and constantly monitored by security systems.
  8. Administrative systems and controls are in place to promote periodic quality checks and to ensure prompt client follow-up.
  9. All strata monies are kept in Trust Accounts with Vancity.
  10. We require two signatures on all cheques and transfer memos from all strata Trust Accounts.